Engineering 4.0

Isilon and XtremIO:

The virtualisation of graphics workplaces
reaches a new dimension.

Engineering 4.0

Thanks to the combination of new products from international providers we are ensuring that engineers and media specialists can develop virtually faster than ever worldwide. Without any restricted performance compared to a fixed CAD workplace. There’s just one thing that’s better: the price. As the investment pays off with just 6-10 workplaces.


The high-performing virtualisation of graphics workplaces is becoming more and more important for the image processing industry and engineering in particular. As while staff are working together on projects spread all over the world, corporate management wants to store, backup and manage the highly sensitive data at a centralised computer centre cost-efficiently. A huge challenge for any IT department.

For users, on the other hand, speed and the user experience play a crucial role. The virtual system has to achieve the speed of individual single-host systems or in the best case even exceed it. Thanks to a combination of brand new storage media from EMC® XtremIO and EMC® Isilon and connection solutions from Riverbed we are now bringing companies unprecedented performance for their virtual infrastructure.


  • Highly efficient virtualisation
  • Suitable for all graphics workplaces CAD, video, animation, Photoshop)
  • A fantastic user experience
  • Top performance at low costs
  • Virtualised workstations considerably cheaper than fixed desktops
  • Global roll-out thanks to Riverbed technology
  • Extremely easy to upgrade thanks to scale-out

XtremIO sets new standards due to outstanding SSD performance

The new flash-based XtremIO storage from EMC reduces the data to be saved within an application by up to 90% by removing all the redundancies. The even distribution of data over the controller and SSDs (Solid State Drive) also leads to maximum performance round the clock. Your staff will not even notice that they are working virtually; that’s how fast XtremIO is.

XtremIO mainly scores due to its scale-out architecture: upgrade storage capacity and performance linearly without any problems. You can even set up new desktops quickly, efficiently and without a great deal of work with XtremIO and continue to use your existing desktop management tools.


How the “real” virtualisation of graphic cards works

The latest generation of Grid graphic boards from Nvidia and the further development of Remote FX as a transmission protocol makes real virtualisation possible now:

each Grid graphics board is equipped with several graphics processors. As a result several users can share one graphics processor or one user can access several processors as required. Use is based on the process and work; peaks in demand are intercepted by the processor pool. In this way considerably more users can work in parallel or dynamically on a scalable basis. Up to 30 workplaces can be connected per Grid graphics board.

A virtual workplaces costs much less than a fixed desktop

Thanks to the high performance of the EMC ISILON and XTremIO storage systems and the “real” virtualisation of Nvidia Grid graphics boards you get an ultra fast user experience at much lower costs than up to now. In addition, your current workstations can be used as thin clients during the transition phase. To increase utilisation your employees all over the world can even access your system based on the follow-the-sun principle. All the hardware and software components are designed for 24 hour use.


Parameters used for the TCO calculation:

  • 4-30 virtual workplaces per server
  • Basis: Pure acquisition investment
  • Thin clients life 7 years
  • Workstations life 3.5 years

* With 30 thin clients connected per server.

The selection of provider for virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) significantly depends on the CAD users’ work profile and may change the real TCO accordingly.

Global roll-out with maximum productivity

Regardless of where your staff or branches are, your work processes cannot be slowed down by a lack of line capacities. We therefore design innovative connection solutions within your WAN with the help of innovative technology from our partner Riverbed. With Riverbed, data transmissions take just minutes or seconds instead of hours or minutes, regardless of distance or location. What is crucial is that the performance remains exactly the same for all users internationally.

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